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Redcoat Application

  2. Employee
  3. Owner
  4. The PRESIDENT’S CLUB is to act as the official ambassadors for the Roswell Chamber of Commerce.
  5. I/my employer understand that time is going to be needed for me to do this job? Approximately 120 hours annually and cost for the monthly Redcoat luncheon meals will also need to be considered.
  6. I understand that I must purchase the following items as a member of the PRESIDENT’S CLUB. 1. Black or navy pants and white shirts for men and black or navy pants or skirts for women and white shirts or blouses for women for each along with a Red Blazer (Blazer available upon President’s Club member acceptance) 2. Summer wear – red polo shirts w/emblem w/black, navy or khaki pants or skirts.
  7. I understand that dues are assessed at the rate of $90.00 per fiscal year beginning in July. I also understand and agree to attend an average of no less than 50% of the monthly events in order to maintain my membership.
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